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if you look sideways it kinda looks like a dragon 

if you look sideways it kinda looks like a dragon 

how did me starting to do my homework end up with me making this ??

how did me starting to do my homework end up with me making this ??

hello tumblr want an update on my life? ok i know u do.  

i have a job next semester

my thoughts are mostly about quesadillas and sexy time. i fuckin love quesadillas that my man makes and i love sexy time with my man 

i love dr.dog the best

i don’t think about where else i could would should be very often, so i know i’m happy 

i want to do photo montage videos 

i still feel guilty about not taking the volleyball scholarship sometimes, because i know my parents would have wanted me to, but there is not a day that goes by that i miss vball lol so can’t say i regret my decision

i like working out 

i like relationships.  every bad day seems a little less harsh, and every good memory seems a lot more cherishing 

sup fuckers 

sup fuckers 

ooopsies doopsies i forgot about tumblr

i think i may be developing insomnia.  Most likely not the actual thing but a really mild version of it. 

I really need to get back to volunteering just because it gives me hope for people.  I keep on thinking lately about how everyone is the same.  I have no hope that new people I meet aren’t going to do and say the same old things as everyone else.  Not having hope always creates this melancholy thought process inside of my mind.  And volunteering always reminds me that there is some people who don’t think about themselves at all times.  Humans are beautiful, and this is not complaining, but i’ve noticed that some people don’t even think when they do things, if they really want to be doing what they are doing.  It just seems like they do it because it’s easy and others do it as well.  I think I just am going to discover ways to completely change my mind set.  

Goals for this week

Have hope for everyone new that I meet. 

Always show interest in what people are saying, even if I really don’t give a shit.  What they are saying means something to them.  And maybe if i give things more of a chance i might find that i am interested. 

Don’t be so naive.

Spend time on how I present myself and don’t hold back on telling my opinion. 

Find a fucking way to make sure i’m not wide awake at 3 in the morning. 

just missin it!!

just missin it!!